Monday, May 05, 2008

Blah Monday!

Although it is May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, in rural South Alabama it is just another blah Monday! We have no mexican restaurants, save for Taco Bell, and it is 20 miles away. So I do not get to celebrate by having an authentic mexican dinner. I guess I could make taco salad for me and Eddie tonight, but I would much prefer going to Los Compadres or Los Amigos for great mexican fare like I used to when I lived in the big city. Who am I kidding, since the surgery I wouldn't be able to eat that much anyway, but it's good to reminisce about such things.

I go for my six month follow-up on May 20th. I have un-officially lost 81 pounds so far, but that is on my scales. The doctor's scales weigh me three to five pounds heavier because of clothes and such and for the fact that his scales may also be calibrated differently. But in any event, that means I have lost on average a little over three pounds a week since the surgery, if my calculations are correct. I am not known for my exceptional math skills. If truth be told, I am not known for much of anything exceptional. I am just an average Jo, LOL! Jo being my middle name, of course. I may have some talent in making people feel at ease around me, if that can be considered exceptional and that just may be all in my head, but people have commented so before.

Back to the mexican thing today, I can smell the refried beans, mexican rice, fajita steak with fried onions and peppers from down here. With a few warm tortillas and a side of pica de gallo, I would be in heaven. Also, I would love me some chips and salsa right about now.

Comment on this blog and tell me what you're known to be exceptional for! Maybe that will make up for it being such a Blah Monday!

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