Monday, May 19, 2008

New pictures

I have been walking on my elliptical while listening to 60's music on the FM satellitte radio on the TV. So much fun. Some songs can cause me to walk at 5 MPH and some of the slower one's only 4.3MPH. I walk about 30 minutes. Think I'll kick it up a notch to 45 minutes a day.

This weight loss thing is so great. I tried on an outfit of Momma's that she wore on her honeymoon when she married Bob. I thought it was the best looking outfit ever when she got it. I was with her when she picked it out. It fit me, but was a little loose. I was going to wear it to a baby shower next month, but it may be too big! Imagine that. I am so pleased and I know Momma would be pleased to see that I am shedding the pounds.

I have added a new blog that I read. Her name is Michelle, she had WLS and now concocts some of the best recipes for WLS patients. I absolutely think these recipes are fantastic. If you want no sugar, no fat/low fat recipes go see her blog, "The World According to Egg Face." Just click on the link on the side of my blog.

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