Saturday, May 31, 2008


Eddie went and picked a five gallon bucket of string beans this morning. I snapped them. He washed them and put them in jars. Here is a couple of pre-pic's before canning. We got 7 quarts this morning, plus a "mess" for supper.

We are having fresh squash,

sliced fresh tomatoes

and a rotissiere chicken to go with the beans. Yum! Yum! I will try to add a pic of the chicken before it is just bones. I can't wait for supper.


Velta said...

I am starving slap to death!!! And you had to put this on your blog!!! Man what I would give right now to take a plate out of this blog!!!

GingerJar said... all looks great. I have a reciepe somewhere that a 90 year old lady gave me 30 years ago for pickling squash. It was sweet and had onions ... I haven't thought of that in years...I used to can a lot, but not in years...especially since I'm a nurse now and work 12 hr shifts. I barely have time to cook ... sigh....