Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday, 2-2-08

I worked OT today. Velta and I had leftovers for lunch from yesterday's Mardi Gras Party and I got sick afterwards. I was retching into the garbage pail and she was trying to find me a wet paper towel and blankets. Several of the other ladies came into help and I got embarrassed over all the hoopla and started crying (I felt so stupid). Everybody decided to leave out of my office except for Velta and Linda. We sat there a little while and I got to feeling better.

These episodes when I have them usually last about an hour or so. I feel hot/flushed and my cheeks turn red, then I throw up (not really throw up, just dry retching, nothing comes up), and then I get the chills. It is not a pleasant situation. It usually happens when I eat something that has hidden sugars in it or if I eat potatoes or cheese. Today I tried one small slice of Andouille sausage and I will never do that again. I am learning my limitations. The doctor and nutritionist said this is to be expected and that there are just somethings I should not eat.

I hope to feel much better.

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