Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eddie has already started planting thanks to his greenhouse

Eddie has planted a lot of tomato plants. He already has about 90 coming up (6 different types of tomatoes). Below is a Parks Whopper tomato plant.
Styrofoam cups make great planters.
This is the mum that Joan gave me when I was in the hospital. It has been in the greenhouse and has now started blooming again. Isn't it pretty?
Don't look at the background. Eddie's shop is a mess, but this is a coffee table that he made for a friend of his. He used an old door (70 to 100 years old) that his friend had for the table top and the legs are made out 200 year old "heart" pine. He did not stain it, just put a clear finish on it after he finished putting it together. He is so talented in so many ways. He is my good old "country" boy.

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