Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Wednesday, what's for supper?

I have been washing clothes, working, rummaging around trying to find Valentine's decorations that I know are somewhere in the house or down at the big house (but I have yet to find), fighting the wind (it is horrendous today. We are supposed to get rain, but other than a couple of sprinkles, it just hasn't happened), cursing creditors (why do we get bills in the mail every single day), and drinking lots of fluids to stave off the hungries. It seems the hungries are winning though because now my mind is focusing on what to have for dinner although I just got through eating lunch. Not much of a lunch - Southwestern Tortilla Soup. Why do they call it that? There certainly aren't any tortillas in the soup, if there were it might taste better. The black beans tasted like dirt and I quit eating it halfway through the portion I served cause it just wasn't tasty. Back to the creditors, why don't they all send the bills at the very first of the month and give us the rest of the month to pay them. I hate getting bills and I don't really like getting junk mail and that includes store flyers and catalogues. I love getting cards and letters from friends and family, but those are very far and few between even if I count emails. I think that's why I blog so much. I want other bloggers to comment to me, so I can read them. Back to the quandry of what to have for supper, I guess we will have to have spaghetti. That sounds good and spicy to me. Eddie will just have to like it or lump it. He is not much of a spaghetti eater.

Ciao, baby! Good eats!


Shay said...

Ha ha WE are having spaghetti for supper too! Wow even with distance between us we think alike! Anyway, do me a favor and tell your readers that I have a blog spot now too if they want to check it out!! I don't know how else to get readers and then I can read their blogs too! Thanks, Love You!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I made chicken soup for dinner last night. John made spaghetti Tuesday was so good. It's his specialty (the one and only, lol).