Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't let the sunshine fool ya...

Wow, even though it is gorgeously sunny out this afternoon, the wind has a bitter bite. Makes me shiver to the bone.

The chickens are all nestled up together in one tiny corner of their box under a flood lamp to keep warm. They are so cute. One has a blonde top and we call him Dennis as in Rodman. They spread their little wings out and run from one end of the box to the other. That, and the patter of little chicken feet and constant peeping sounds is hilariously funny to me. I could sit and watch them all day long.

Roger was not feeling well this morning, so church services were cancelled. That's what you get when you go to a very small (and I do mean small) church. So Eddie and I went to Marvin's and Wal-Mart. We bought all the Diet Twist-ups they had. We had lunch at Sonic.

When we got home we went and looked at the plants in the greenhouse that have already started budding out. Eddie has such a green thumb. I am all thumbs, but they are not green.

I made a scrapbook page. I will have to take a picture and post on a future blog.

I have Gladiator with Russell Crowe on the television (muted) and am mostly reading, but as Eddie is playing with his airplanes and listening to Oldies music I am somewhat distracted with all the surrounding peeps, scratches, thumps, and movement. Not to mention, the thugs and their boom-boxes blaring going up and down the road 50 million times a second. it's such a madhouse.

We are having sausage and butterbeans for supper with cornbread, tomatoes and onions. Come join us, but we might not have enough to go around. It's like slopping hogs around here as we devour the delicious, delectible dishes we concoct. We don't deliver, I say, we don't deliver. Shannon, you will just have to bring your pregnant self down here to have a heaping helping of goodness on a plate. Mmmm hmmmm, I know you are hankering for some of my homecooked delicacies. Maybe when I come up there, when you have Shawn, I will make you something scrumptious to eat.

Just now a guy from up the road has come by to holler at Eddie, so I will go for now. I have to go check the butterbeans. Talk at ya later. Have a great sunny Sunday.


Shay said...

Whoo Hoo! I'm excited to hear that you will make me some delicious food when you get here!! I'll need someone to cook for me since I'll be busy with baby! AND MO needs some good country cooking doesn't he?? lol

Amanda K said...

Usually in the dead of winter when the sun is shinning, it is just a ploy... it never that warm outside! It seems like it is almost more cold with the sun out!!

I will never understand it.