Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baskets for Office Charity Club Valentine's Luncheon

I made these baskets to sell at our Valentine Charity Luncheon set for Friday, February 13th. Each basket includes a stuffed animal, a candle, candy, conversation hearts, heart- shaped memo pad and flower-dy pen, and a balloon with a card. That just about covers everything except flowers, I think. Hopefully some of the office workers will buy them for their "honey" and then we will use the money towards our Charity Club donation at the end of the year. Do you think a $15.00 price is too expensive for these baskets?


♥Trina♥ said...

Heck no, $15 isn't too much! Especially for something that will benefit a charity. Tell me that something is going to a good cause, and I'm all over it. The baskets are too cute, too! You've been a busy bee.

Tracy said...

I love the baskets and I think $15 is a great price ... hope you have lots of luck.
Have a great day my friend :-)

Shannon said...

Momma you are too good I meant it. You know I thought that the baskets were amazing!! I wish I could have bought one!