Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I wanted Mexican for lunch, but I had half a panini turkey from DQ

I am going to critique the new turkey panini at DQ. It had way too much mayo. There was also too much lettuce, but the turkey tasted good. I was only able to eat half. It was a large sandwich, but cost about $4.

I would have been happier with some salsa/chips and a chicken taco, but Eddie was not hankering for Mexican chow today.

I am currently reading...Whistling in the Dark


Tracy said...

I sure wish we had a DQ here, Mmmmmmmm I love their chicken tenders, their ice cream ... ok let me hush, I'm making myself hungry.

Aleta said...

I'm getting hungry! We're waiting for the guys to finish working tonight on the renovations, still lots to do (plan on blogging about it soon), then going to Applebees, but now, you have me thinking Mexican! How's the book?

Shay said...

I'm sorry Eddie doesn't like to eat Mexican food everyday like we do lol :)
I guess you're going to have to train him or send him to live in San Antonio for a few months ha ha

Oh and DQ is not so bad...we had Burger King!

Lynda said...

Ugh...just ate Mexican food, which, by the way was delicious - just had TOO MUCH! I agree with Shay, though, get on down to Texas where the Mexican food is fabulous!

Pat MacK said...

Wow. Love the new brown and blue layout.