Monday, January 07, 2008

I am without camera!

Someone stole my digital camera. I had not downloaded all the Christmas pics to the computer and various other pics that I wish I had. Now I feel as if part of my life has been stripped away from me. It either happened at the car dealership when I was having my oil changed or someone stole it from my purse at work. I would rather believe it was at the car dealership, but some things have gone missing at work that make me think that the heist could have actually been perpetrated in my office when I stepped out to go to the bathroom, etc. Isn't that awful to speculate that a co-worker could have been so brazen as to have stolen something from me right from under my nose? I hate to think that, but as I said already, it has happened before in our office and I was warned about leaving my purse out in the open.

I was wanting a new camera, but not like this. Plus we don't have the money to spend on a camera right now. I am truly out of sorts about this. It has caused me to have a very bad day.

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