Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ramblings on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

A week before my birthday and as I go rummaging through the house there is not a present in sight. I know that there is one somewhere because my dear hubby told me he had already gotten it. So, oh, what could it be? I haven't given him any hints, therefore, it is something he thought that I would like. Sometimes that can be a good thing, because he does surprise me with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. The man is a treasure, at least he is to me. When I say that sometimes my daughter gets irritated thinking that I am trying to say he is perfect and does no wrong. I have tried to tell her that is not the case, but because I love him so much I overlook his little faults. I couldn't do that with her dad, so I guess that means I didn't love him so much, right? I thought I did a long time ago, but it faded away with all the bad things he did. But back to Eddie...he is truthful/honest, sincere, and loving. (He also kisses good, even though you who read my blogs, probably don't want to hear all that mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff, but it is getting close to Valentine's, so deal with it.) I just keep wondering what he got me or made me for my birthday. I guess I will have to wait until next week. One good thing about my birthday being in the third week of January, being a fed govt employee I always get a holiday about the same time as my birthday (MLK, Jr. day). This year my birthday is on Tuesday, the 22nd, the day after the holiday. I would like to go to Red Lobster for my birthday, but I can't eat that much so what's the point. Since my surgery it seems I have been wanting more shrimp and I would love to eat an orange, but the nutritionist said I can't have pulp. My body must be needing the extra vitamins. I drink a lot of water, but probably not enough. In a little over two months, I have lost 40+ pounds and I hope to continue losing. I have a bet with my daughter that I can lose enough weight to get thinner than her, but that includes the subsequent extra skin removal surgery too. She doesn't believe I can do it. I do!

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