Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I started walking on Sunday, Jan. 6th. I walked one mile on Sunday. I walked one and one-half miles on Monday. I walked two miles on Tuesday. I walked two miles today (Wednesday, 9th). I hope to continue this streak. I need to exercise daily anyway. There is this park with a one-fourth mile track in the little community near me and I drive down there early in the morning and walk. Yesterday was the only day there was other people there so far. The two ladies walking yesterday lapped me, but I don't care. They were a lot skinnier (not carrying around as much baggage) and they probably have been walking for much longer than me. I will just have to work up to my natural potential, but I think two miles a day is great. I am having a little bit of shin pain, but I read on the internet what kind of exercises to do to help with that. One mile is approximately 2000 steps. With moderate walking you can walk a mile in about 15 minutes. I have been walking the two miles in 30 minutes. So in essence I burn about 280 calories or so. Considering I am eating less than 1000 calories a day right now this exercise should help me lose weight even faster. My daughter was worried I was going to be too tired to walk, but I actually feel good except for the shin pain (and I read that would eventually go away). I am pleased with myself at the moment. Since November 16th, I have lost 38 pounds.


Velta said...

I am so proud of you my friend...You are lookin good and working at it helps. Thank you for all of your sweet, kind, wonderful comments on my site. You are a rare jewel :)

Jennnifer said...

Debbie that is wonderful keeping working at the walking a you will be doing three miles at a time soon.
Iam so proud of you and I am back doing Curves & ScalebackAlabama at work.
But I only need to lose like 10 to 15lbs.
Call me sometime.

Love ya