Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday comes So-So Saturday and Gloomy Sunday

It has been a gitchy gloomy Sunday in south Alabama today. I have already taken a nap and have been wrapped up in my favorite blanket vegetating on the couch watching Bruce Almighty.

I finished my current book and have been watching out the window as the low gray clouds seem to hover like fog over Burgamy Swamp. A fine mist hazes the hayfield and I feel cocooned off from the rest of the world.

Only a few cars have driven past the house today and it seems as if everyone is in the same lazy state as me. I don't know if everyone else had too much turkey and the triptyphan has them in a turkey semi-coma, but I am zoned out.

Just wanted to let everyone know how I was doing.

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Velta said...

Yes you are zoned out...have been for as long as I have known you. That's okay though...zoning is a good thing. I sound like Martha Stewart...and you sound like you have been taking some serious medication...LOL...just kidding. Love your blog