Sunday, November 23, 2008

What are you having for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Is it a no-no to not have turkey on turkey day? I don't really feel like having turkey. I really don't have any idea what I want. I have gotten to the point where nothing really tastes good to me. I have been having some cravings for shrimp lately. It is a good source of protein. I eat a lot of steak. Baked chicken is close to an everyday thing for me, so I am not really interested in having that either.

Starches seem to make me dump, so there goes the potatoes/sweet potatoes/corn, etc. Cheeses and milk seem to do the same. Then the whole sweets and breads thing. So what is there to eat?

So it is up in the air what my household will eat for Thanksgiving Dinner, but what about you? Are you cooking a feast, what do you usually make?


Blarney said...

One year I made a couple of Pheasants ... much different taste than turkey or chicken.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Amanda K said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some SITSa Love!! I have noticed you were following me and you were in the drawing before I even posted it!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

ps. I am now following you!! Cheers!

Darla said...

Well Debbie one year we Red wanted we had BBQ. Red was outside grilling while Betty was cooking T&D. All of it did not go together but we all had a good laugh. It was one of those Alabama Thanksgiving where it was 82 outside...I guess it could have been the 4th of july!!! LOL

Tracy said...

One year at my parents for our Thanksgiving meal we grilled steaks, had baked potatos and salad to go with them. I think that same year we had bbq ribs at my inlaws (my F.I.L. does some great grilling), we still had dressing and the other fixxings with the ribs, it was all yummy together.
This year I guess we're having the traditional Thanksgiving meal. My husband will be working Thanksgiving day and Christmas day AGAIN this year, ughhhh! So we're having Thanksgiving supper at my parents about 7pm Thanksgiving night which is ok, I don't have to get up and rush to get anything cooked. Then we're doing our Thanksgiving at my inlaws on Friday night (my husband will have the weekend off, wooohoooo).

Ohhhh also, wanted to tell you about my "Soldiers Christmas" post. I deleted the post because I had posted an address to send Christmas cards to our soldiers but later found out they didn't accept cards to random people, they had to be addressed to a certain person to be taken.

Have a good night,