Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What do you consider a "romantic" Valentine's Day?

I have found that what I used to consider a "romantic" Valentine's Day is just not as romantic as I once thought. Being married to a "country boy" has changed my way of thinking.

A "city guy" will buy you a Valentine's card from the Hallmark store, but a "country boy" will carve your initials in a heart on the old oak tree in the back yard.

A "city guy" will buy you a dozen expensive cut red roses, but a "country boy" will plant you a row of daffodils outside your window so you can gaze at their beautiful yellow glow every year in the early spring.

A "city guy" will buy you a box of expensive chocolates, but a "country boy" will make you a batch of brownies with fudge icing because he knows how much you love them.

A "city guy" will take you to an expensive restaurant and wine and dine you, but a "country boy" will take you for a ride in his 4WD truck down by the lake to have a picnic under the stars.

A "city guy" will take you to the latest movie out in the theater, but a "country boy" will sit with you for hours gazing at a full moon whispering how much he loves you.

I don't particularly mean to diminish in any way what a "city guy" can come up with for a "romantic" Valentine's Day scenario, but now that I am a "country boy's" wife, I guess my tastes have changed. I love my country boy so much, he is the love of my life and now that I have found him, I can't bear the thought of living a day without him. He makes my life worth living.

Now that I have told you what a "romantic" Valentine's Day entails for me and my "country boy," please reply to my blog and let me know what you consider to be a "romantic" Valentine's Day for you.

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