Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Morning

The birds are chirping and the sunshine is bright this morning. However, there is a little bit of a nippy breeze in the air.

Eddie and I had a country breakfast of grits, sausage, and biscuits. No eggs because we keep them to sell. LOL

My plans for the day include cleaning up the kitchen from last night's feast. We watched Paula Dean yesterday and printed out her recipes for the day (Comfort Foods) and cooked them. We had old fashioned beef stew and potato casserole. They were very tasty. The other recipe she showed was for chocolate bread pudding and neither Eddie nor I thought that sounded very good. So we just didn't have a dessert. We have prepared several of Mr. Food and Emeril's recipes as well.

I'm gonna shoot for washing a couple of loads of laundry also, but that will be in between reading, scrapbooking, and watching movies.

We watched Red Eye last night and it was pretty good. Shannon recommended it and I found it to be quite suspenseful. At least I think so, since I was yelling at the television trying to tell Lisa (the lead actress) what to do.

I got "Saw II" and "Doom" for Eddie and "The Weatherman" and "Proof" for me.

Jeannie and Brandon came to visit yesterday afternoon and stayed for a good while. I was so happy they came to visit. Eddie and Brandon had a good time adding coins to Brandon's coin books. He just started collecting state quarters and pennies. We talked about Jeannie's house plans and found her a fireplace online that will save her some money when compared to the bid she got from the brickmason for doing it. I wish they would have stayed for dinner, but Chad was not with them and Brandon wanted Burger King. Brandon has baseball tryouts this afternoon, I hope he makes the team. I'm sure he will.

I have several clusters of pictures that I have been considering layouts for. So as I said earlier, I hope to get some scrapbooking in today. Eddie is down at the shop (who would have guessed) and since I am a shop "widow," I will go play in the hobby room for a while this afternoon.

Hope your day of rest is a peaceful one...

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