Monday, February 13, 2006

Odds and Ends

My niece's wedding Tea was yesterday and everything went smoothly and everything was nice. She got a lot of great gifts and a good many ladies attended. So I was glad to see Rachael happy.

Today is the day of my MRI. I am actually considering taking some pictures. I think that would make a funny LO. "Me and my MRI." What do you think? I am just trying to laugh about it, because first, the MRI kinda scares me (but at least it is an open one this time); and secondly, I still don't know what is making my back hurt, so that is somewhat of a mysterious ailment. I hope that the MRI can determine what is causing the pain.

I am in a wierd mood today since all night long I kept dreaming about dogs getting killed and it has just kinda creeped me out, naturally so. My three puppies are doing fine this morning though.

Shannon had a stressful time at work last night, describing what sounded like a panic attack. She may need to go back to the doctor and let her prescribe her something or get some counseling. "They" say this is all part of her mitral valve prolapse and dysautonomia. Who knows, I just know it started after Momma got sick and Ricky had his "manic" episode.

Eddie is doing fine. He is working at Parker Mount's. Isn't that some kinda name for you? He is redoing a bathroom in "Heart" Pine, building a vanity and replacing the linoleum with the "Heart" Pine. I'm sure it will look gorgeous when he is through.

The chickens are doing great. It seems in cold weather their laying production decreases, but then increases with the warmer weather. I am selling the eggs to a lady at work whose church uses them to bake cakes for bake sales and church luncheons.

My back is starting to spasm again from sitting in this chair typing, so I will go for now. I will update you after the MRI.

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