Sunday, January 22, 2006

My birthday dinner was a blast!

Below is a picture of the whole gang at Jim-N-Nick's B-B-Q. Will, Shannon, and me one one side of the booth and on the other, Chad, Jeannie, and Eddie. Our waitress Jill took the picture.

The next pic here is of Chad, Jeannie, Eddie and I.

And then there was Eddie and Jill, our waitress. Eddie had fun aggravating Jill, by asking for watermelon, and then when the meal was over and we had stuffed ourselves, he asked her, "What's for supper?" I think she enjoyed serving us. She seemed like she had fun anyway.

As always there has to be one in every crowd. It never fails I have one stinker who makes a face in my photos. I told Chad to not make a face for the pic and so Jeannie did it instead, the little rascal. Oh well at least this time we have a good pic of Chad.

Next comes the newly engaged couple. Shannon and Will. Don't they make a handsome couple? Just so long as they make me some pretty granchildren after they get married is fine by me. LOL

And to save the best for last, the "Birthday GIRL" with her beautiful daughter. I'm not gonna tell you how old "she" is, because "she" might get mad. LOL

All in all I had a wonderful birthday dinner and weekend. My daughter and her fiance were here to help me celebrate. My presents included some perfume, a Books-A-Million gift card, some mixing bowls, an "Enya" CD, and some CD cases. It just can't get any better than this!!!!

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