Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Firsts" Personal Quiz for which I got tagged by Renee!

First time you got kissed. How was it?

I was 13 at the time and practically lived at the roller skating rink. My crush's name was Scott Williams. He kissed me on couple's skate and then proceeded to tell everyone I kissed like a fish. What's wrong with kissing like a fish? And besides, have you ever tried kissing someone while on roller skates? At least I puckered up good.

First time you drove a car. What kind of car?

My dad decided he would teach me to drive, by just putting me behind the wheel and telling me to drive. We went around the block, the first three turns were okay, but the last turn was on a hill and I floored the gas so as not to be hit by a car coming over the hill. I got one of my hands caught in the steering wheel (manual steering) and the car kept turning to the left. I got scared and did not put on the brake. My dad reached over with his foot to put on the brake and hit the gas instead. We ran into a tree in the neighbor's yard. Needless to say, my mother took over the task of teaching me how to drive. The car was my dad's, it was a 1971 Chevrolet Bel Aire.

First time you scrapbooked. When you look at your page do you love it?

In 1995, when we moved back to Alabama, my sister-in-law had a Creative Memories scrap. My mother, daughter and I went. My first page was pretty standard CM fare since I copied a page from one of the idea books. It certainly looks plain compared to some of the pages I create now.

First time you went on a date. Where did you go and with who?

I was 15 and not really allowed to date yet. Wayne Murray who was 20 or 21 had asked me to go with him to the Bee Gee's concert. I begged mother and daddy to let me go and they finally relented and said yes. We went to the Boutwell Auditorium. It was a very special date for me, I will never forget it. First date, first concert.

First time you fell in love. How did you know?

I thought I was in love with Skip, but I was actually just in love with love. When I fell in love for real I knew it was special because I couldn't eat, sleep, or do much of anything, except pine away to be with Mike every second of the day. But none of that compares to the love I have now for my husband, Eddie.

First time you cooked for someone. Was it yummy? What did you make?

My mother was in the hospital after having my younger brother. I was 12 and I decided to make supper for my two older brothers. I made fried breaded pork chops. I burnt the outside, but the inside was still pink. My oldest brother turned up his nose and wouldn't eat it, but Don (he's like Mikey, he'll eat anything) ate all four of the chops I cooked. He told me later that he realized then and there what my cooking potential was going to be and he didn't want to cause me to quit trying, so he ate them anyway. He said they weren't that bad.

First time you got on a plane. Where did you go? Were you scared?

My first airplane flight was in 1989 when I was coming back to Alabama from Texas to see my family for Christmas. I was scared on take off and landing, but when in the air I really enjoyed it.

First time you shaved your legs. Did you cut yourself?

My mom tried to tell me not to press down too hard with the razor. I was probably around age 13. I really didn't have that much hair on my legs at the time, but hey, everybody else was shaving so I felt like I needed to do the same. I cut a long plug of skin off my shin which bled and bled. I almost passed out.

First time you put on make up. Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown?

I was 14. I used some of my friends make-up. She was nicknamed "cake-up make-up," so you can just imagine. I actually looked more like a raccoon because I used to much eye liner.

First time you moved out of your home. Was it an apartment, house, etc?

I moved out into an apartment when I got married. I was only 18 years old, just out of high school and stupid. I was only there for about 6 months before moving back to my parent's house. It was not a good time for me.

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