Monday, March 09, 2009

Grapenuts with milk = stomach pains for this post GBS patient

I knew I shouldn't have had the milk, even if it is just skim milk. Why am I still so sensitive to milk 16 months out from surgery? Other people get to drink milk! Whine!!! Whine!!! I love milk and I can't have it, whine!!! whine!!!

Then I just had to add Grape Nuts cereal to the mix and man, oh man, what a stomach pain. It feels like Civil War artillery/cannons are going off in my abdominal cavity. Not a pleasant feeling and on top of all that I have developed a headache and a twitch in my right eye. Sounds lovely, right? You should have to see it and hear it, LOL!!

I have posted before that cheese, milk, potatoes make my stomach hurt, and of course, anything sugary. Get this, some people don't have that problem at all, but I am somewhat grateful that I do, so I tend to not even try to eat those fattening foods. If I do try something fattening or new, I get the "foamies" which start with me having a runny nose and sometimes end up being full blown retching of what I call "lather" bubbling up from my pouch/stoma. I don't do this all the time, but if I eat too fast, or eat too much, or eat the wrong things, this can happen.

I'm gonna go take something for my headache and lay down for a few minutes and see if that will help all these symptoms subside. What a morning.


Shay said...

I hope you get to feeling better...I'm sure all MY whining in the car about directions downtown didn't help (it didn't help Mo ha ha). Every time you talk about the "foamies" I think of a rabid dog lol and NO I'm not calling you a rabid dog ha ha :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you can't drink milk. That stinks! I still push my limits occasionally (like wolfing down dinner the other night in a hurry to pick up a kid, duh!) and then pay the price.