Sunday, October 07, 2007

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Eddie and I drove to the nearest "big" town today and bought some indoor/outdoor carpet for his storage building. Since he has been unable to work, he has been slowly cleaning out his storage building to move some of his hobby stuff in there for more room.

His hobbies have been slowly creeping over into my side of the hobby room. I even had to move my beading to the dining room. I actually only have one-third of the hobby room for my scrapbooking and bill-writing. I was beginning to feel cramped.

Anyways, we went and bought some carpet for him to put down. Indoor/outdoor carpet is not heavy and the kind we bought is kinda scratchy, but we got a spotted gray/black color so it won't show dirt as bad, we hope.

The only thing I worry about is that he will start going out to the storage building and/or the shop so much that he will never be in the house anymore and I will miss his company. I guess I will not let him do that. Maybe I will move my hobbies out to the storage building with him. LOL

Hope the path you walk is covered with at least indoor/outdoor carpet!

Type at ya soon,
Shop/Storage Building/Hobby Widow

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