Saturday, March 18, 2006

Weekend chores!

I am cleaning up the kitchen, washing clothes this Saturday morning and straightening up since Shannon is coming down for a few days. I hope to make some bead jewelry and scrapbook some this weekend as well. I guess that depends on how I am feeling.

I think Shannon and I might go to Wal-Mart tomorrow. I would like to buy some toner and 4x6 glossy paper (pack) for my PictureMate, but Wal-Mart doesn't have it, or at least my Wal-Mart doesn't. I may have to order it online. We don't really have a lot of groceries to buy, but a few items are getting low, so I guess we will make a trip.

Eddie is down at the shop making cricket cages. He thinks he might be able to sell them at the local bait and tackle shop for $5 each. They are made of plywood, hardware cloth, PVC pipe, and some heavy-duty wire for the handle. They are really neat. If we don't sell them, I guess I will decorate them up and give them as Christmas presents, LOL!!!! I will post a picture of them on a later blog.

Jeannie and Brandon were down here the other night and I took some hilarious pictures of Brandon in Eddie's boots. Eddie and Brandon were in high gear when Eddie started tickling Brandon. Here are some pictures:

It's good to see them interact with each other and recently Eddie found out that Brandon has started a coin collection. Eddie has a pretty extensive coin collection, so as Brandon gets older I hope that they find they have a lot in common and can spend time together, just Brandon and PawPaw, fishing; coin collecting; building and flying RC airplanes; and building things.

Eddie built a cupola for the gazebo. It really looks good. I will have to take a picture so ya'll can see it.

Until later then... Peace, Love and Ciao, baby!

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Renee said...

Hope you had a great time this weekend. I changed my blog addy. Make sure you change the link.