Monday, May 25, 2009

I used to think lightning bugs were fairies

My great niece, Zoie, had a Tinker Bell Birthday Party over the weekend and if anyone looks like a beautiful little sprite it is this child. Sometimes she looks at me out of those beautiful sweet eyes and I see my mother. She is so girly and prissy, but oh so sweet. She was even excited about the hangers that her clothes presents came on. She makes me laugh and she makes me melt. Sweet, sweet child. Then there is her cousin, Connor, who is just as sweet and polite, but all little boy and I love him for it. His little smile makes my heart sing. Isn't it amazing how wonderful children can make you feel? Don't even get me started on Shawn, cause we all know how I can go on and on about that little booger.

I went looking for a present for Zoie (her mother had recommended Tinker Bell wall art as they are redecorating her room in "Tink"), I made a jaunt to Toys R Us because I had visited every other store in town and had just about given up when finally I found a poster which I easily framed. Viola! "Tinker Bell wall-art." See below!

I had to ask one of the clerks to help me find the posters and she said, Are you into "Tinkle Bell?" I said that my great niece was a fan of "Tinker Bell," and she answered back that her daughter loved "Tinkle Bell," too! I laughed all the way back to work.

So here are the latest photos of my sugar booger, you knew I was gonna post em!


Debbie said...

Oh such sweet pictures! I love childhood - for its fairytale imagination - and innocence. What a beautiful post - and a beautiful family!

Velta said...

What a great story about your little ones and the fairies...but then there is Shawn...OMG...he has grown!! What a precious face he has...and I love the outfits :)

Lynda said...

Tinkle Bell - I love it!

Aleta said...

I love how you described the magic of childhood, the sweetness and innocence. I think children help us to remember the beauty in this world.

And Tickle Bell? Classic. Hehe

Amanda K said...

Awww... He is a stud!! So cute!

I love Tinker Bell too! What a fun birthday party!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love the Tinkerbell themed party! So cute.
That baby is SO stinking adorable! I want to kiss his neck. lol

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