Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

This will be my seventh Mother's day without my mother and I still miss her so. I would be with her this weekend if she was still here. I thought I would stay home this weekend and just rest, but Shannon has other plans. Shannon said this is her first Mother's Day and she wants to spend it with me and Shawn. So I guess I will take another trip this weekend too, to see her and my grandson. I guess I will take her out to eat for her Mother's day present. Probably that means going out and getting something and bringing it back to the apartment as it will be so crowded that day at all the restaurants in town. Needless to say I am not cooking, since I am a Momma too!

Happy Mother's Day everybody!


Shay said...

I'll cook for you if you can take care of the "bundle of need" for me ha ha I'm SO glad I conned you into coming this weekend YAY!!

GingerJar said...

You know, now you get to start new traditions for Mother's Day. You will never forget or stop missing your mom...but you, Shay, and Shawn will have new traditions for the new generation. It's sweet really.

Have a Great Mother's Day.

Blarney said...

It's my first without my Mother and Grand Mother. I'm not sure how I am going to fair but my kids always have something sweet planned for me. Should help to take some of the edge off.
Have a great Mother's Day!