Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jelly, Junk, and Jewelry

Hi, peoples!

Today was a "J" day for me.

First, a question. Doesn't everybody just love Bama Jelly? I think Bama "Grape" Jelly is delicious, especially on toast or biscuits. I guess you are wondering, did I have jelly toast this morning or did I have a jelly biscuit? A biscuit was the correct answer. MMMMMMM I love me some Bama "Grape" Jelly.

Second, Eddie and I went to the Highland Home's local "Flea Market." We walked around and looked at all the junk. The proprietor even sells crickets and worms for the fishing guys. She said she is interested in looking at some of my "junk" I have stored at the big house.

Thirdly, and lastly, I made some more jewelry (earrings). I made some "Alabama" earrings, some pink janglies, and another set of Black Ice. I have an idea for a different little silver and blue set. When I make them, I will try to remember to scan them to my blog before I sell them.

Everything is just "J" around here, which I guess means peachy or today it would have to be "Grapey!"

See ya later,

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