Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Great Big WOW!!! Moment


I have just experienced my greatest "WOW" moment in my life so far. My eyes have been leaking ever since I heard what the weatherman had to say. This may be a little bit of a long story, but please be patient. If you are like me, you may just get goose bumps after you read it.

Before my mother died, she collected Seraphim angels. Her favorite was a barefoot "little miss" with attitude. The angel's name was Ophelia. Quite an unusual name, don't you think? Also, while she was sick, about a couple of months before her death, she required breathing treatments due to her lung cancer. Every night I would remind her it was time for her breathing treatment. For some reason she did not like to do this. She said it was much like torture. We jokingly said that it was not me giving her the treatments, but my evil twin sister "Ingrid." I would even use a Swedish accent when getting the apparatus ready. Quite an unusual name, don't you think?

Prior to her death, late one night, when we were discussing her leaving me, I asked her if there was any way she could show me a sign from Heaven that she was thinking of me, I would love to know. We discussed the only way I would be able to tell that it was a sign from her, was if she would use either the name Ophelia or Ingrid, because they are just so unusual, we both knew they wouldn't be used and/or heard often.

I have been contemplating some different options for my life recently. I have been wondering what Momma would think about such things. Tomorrow would have been my momma's 75th birthday. I asked her today for a sign. I told her that if there was any a time when she should come to me it was now. I asked her to show me a sign that I would recognize. I asked her to come to me with the name Ophelia or Ingrid, through butterflies ("butterplies", as she called them (inside joke)), maybe a song that reminds me of her, or a familiar scent.

When I got home this afternoon, the 5:00 news report weatherman noted that the tropical storm Humberto was to make landfall in Texas today. He stated that a new depression was forming which would probably be named as a storm tomorrow (Sept. 13th, my momma's birthday). Guess what it's name is ???????? The new storm to be named (on her birthday) Ingrid. Do you think that is a sign or what? It was a wonderful WOW moment for me. She let me know she was thinking about me and gave me her opinion regarding the options that I had asked her about. I am amazed that she is still right here with me and can let me know what she thinks about my life. But I shouldn't be, GOD knew I needed to hear from her. Isn't it amazing that he knows and supplies all my needs.


NanaRenan said...

Goosebumps indeed!!!

I loved that story! I stumbled onto your blog and from your profile see that we have a good bit in common.

Love the gazebo and that cake looked YUM!

I enjoyed reading about your angel/mother/Ingrid connection.

God bless.
Nana Renan

Velta said...

You have told me that story before, but now reading it brings tears to my eyes. Hope you are doing well :)