Thursday, July 05, 2007

Forbidden Fruit

We had some happenings over the weekend. Someone came on the property and stole two of Eddie's watermelons and a couple of canteloupes. He was upset. We called the sheriff, because we think it was one of the guys who was helping bale hay on the hayfield on Friday. It happened either Friday night or Saturday night. He drove up behind a dilapidated house out back of our shop and hid his truck. He used a flashlight to help find the watermelons. He then had to heft them back to his truck and dropped his flashlight. We called the sheriff, who said that if it is who we think it is, he is very familiar with him and the guy is nicknamed "sticky fingers." He has also been in trouble for buying and selling dope in the area. I ask, "Why is he still out on the street doing these illegal things, if he is so well known to the sheriff's department? How is he able to continue his shenaingans?" Oh well, it is just fruit!

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