Monday, April 13, 2009


While at the hospital after my grandson's birth I noticed something. Every time I picked Shawn up and held him close, I smelled cookies. Every time I sniffed his pretty little head near my nose, I smelled cookies. I continuously asked everyone if they smelled cookies and no one but me seemed to catch a whiff of the cookie odor. The little sugar booger smelled just like cookies to me. I couldn't get enough of him. A friend said, it was because "I could just eat him up!" Rightfully so, but my take on the situation is...Momma was holding him just before he was delivered to us. I say that because Momma and I used to make cookies a lot when I was younger and I would like to think she held Shawn and made him smell like cookies for me so I would know that she was there during the hand off. Whatever helps me to rationalize that she was there and a part of this miracle is what I say goes. She can't be here with me in person, so she will be with me here in spirit through cookie smells, clouds, rainbows, and the look in my great niece's eyes, etc. She is all around me and I think of her often, so I know she knows how wonderful I feel being a new grandmother. Boy, what trouble Maw Maw and Shawn could scare up together. Whew! What a thought! I love thinking about it.


Velta said...

I think you are right...I think that IS why you smelled cookies...How wonderful for you to think of your mom like that...Great Tribute to Her :)

♥Trina♥ said...

Oh Debbie!! YES, your mom was there with you! Why else would you be the only one to smell cookies when you held Shawn? I teared up reading this because I am a firm believer that those who have gone on before us remind us in some way that they are with us.