Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Tag Questionnaire from Renee (Okay, see I updated!) LOL

1. Hamburger Helper or filet mignon? I put too much Heinz 57 sauce on my steak to really enjoy a Filet Mignon and Hamburger Helper has so many different choices these days and is so easy to fix, I guess I will have to say Hamberger Helper. LOL

2. Van or sedan? I would have to say van because I have had a van in the past, but right now I am a truck girl. I love my Toy Taco (Toyota Tacoma).

3. Yellowstone Park or Disneyland? I have been to Disneyland, it is for kids. I have never been to Yellowstone, but I want to go so bad. I am afraid I would never want to come back. My Yogi Bear (Eddie) and I (Boo-Boo) would just snuggle up and hibernate there for a while.

4. McDonald's or Olive Garden? Olive Garden. I love the Pasta Fagioli soup and breadsticks.

5. Board Games or video games? Board Games. Eddie and I are into playing Monopoly, but we recently started playing Dominos and Poker too.

6. Snow bunnies or Water baby? I don't know how to ski, but I love the snow. I don't like the heat or the ocean, but I love to swim in the pool. I think I would have to pick water baby, just because I love to swim.

7. Early birds or night owls? I am a night owl. I have to take something to help me fall asleep or I would be up all night.

8. Road trip or air travel? Road trip. I like to stop whenever I feel like it, get out and look around. In a plane you are cramped in one little seat and I feel claustrophobic.

9. White or wheat? White. Fresh white bread is so soft and tasty. I love fresh white bread with peanut butter and grape jelly. Yum!

10. On a team or in the bleachers? In the bleachers rooting for Alabama! Roll Tide Roll!!!

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Renee said...

Finally, an update. Great answers.