Thursday, May 04, 2006


What do I have to do to get it to rain? I pray daily that it will rain for the crops to grow. We have not had any rain in months. They say there is only a slight drought, but if this trend continues none of the crops Eddie planted are going to grow. He is considering making a make-shift irrigation thing-a-majiggy. Eddie is part Indian (like Sitting Bull, not Ghandi), so maybe I should do a rain dance. Can't you just close your eyes and see me dancing around in the yard. Not likely, but I am considering it. We have got to have some rain. Not only for us, but for the big time farmers here in the south portion of the State. They are probably getting quite worried about this drought by now. Please pray for rain. I would like it to rain all weekend.

I know the ones of you that live north of here are hoping for a rain-free weekend so you can party at the Crawfish Boil, so just send the rain down here, we need it. Speaking of all of you hoping to party all weekend at the "Boil", have fun, but be safe.

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Renee said...

Tell Eddie to come get some of our rain. We have a ton of it. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and it rained today.